Carlsbad Marathon – Statistics, Videos and Pictures

February 23rd, 2011 § 1 comment

I successfully ran the 2011 Carlsbad Marathon in  4:08:58.  I thought I should share some statistics, pictures and videos from the event.

I don’t think I would have been able to make it without the support of my loving wife. She put up with my 4 day a week running schedule, each of which sometimes lasted as long as 4 hours (bye bye weekend). She also pushed me to train, when I was too lazy and wanted to call it quits, egging me along all the time.



Here are the statistics of my marathon run (Source)

Race Results
Overall452 out of 1173
Men314 out of 683
Men (30-34)62 out of 107
Place: 691
Pace: 9:30
Tag Time4:08:58
Gun Time4:09:21
Split Times
9.32 miles (15 km)1:23:31
Pace: 8:58
13.67 miles (22 km)2:01:59
Pace: 8:55
18.00 miles (28.97 km)2:41:18
Pace: 8:58
19.8 miles (31.87 km)2:58:58
Pace: 9:03

Video at the finish line

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