v1.2.3 released

April 1st, 2011 § 4 comments

I just released v1.2.3 of Corporate Addressbook to the Android Market.

Features and fixes include:

  • Support for Zimbra (Issue #47)
    • Zimbra did not like the query string that was sent from the app, and threw and error 500 on each search request received. Turns out that it required that the optional range element be included in every request. Thanks Stephen and Martin for helping debug this issue.
  • Error Code 0 (Issue #49)
    • Looks like a lot of people were seeing an error code 0 returned when they were trying to log in. Debugging with a few folks led to two discoveries
      1. Spaces in username: I had failed to URL encode the URL that is generated by concatenating the server name with the username. As a result of this any spaces in the username caused HttpOptions to barf.
      2. Any exceptions thrown during the connection process were being handled, but the actual error string was not propagated up to the UI.  Added some code to make the actual error string more user friendly. Hopefully this should help in getting to the bottom of connection issues.
  • Login screen does not scroll in landscape mode (Issue #40)
    • The login screen worked fine in portrait but was completely broken in the landscape mode. Dale picked up this issue and added a Scroll View to the UI. This should allow users to scroll to the Login button.